Our Services

ERDS provides a broad range of services across two key business groups, which are Power Networks and Transport Infrastructure. 

We can assemble teams within, and across, these groups utilising internal resources to service a variety of projects, both large and small.



ERDS offers planning and design services for Electricity Distribution networks , which include both overhead and underground reticulation. Our services include:

  • Concept Planning and Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Authority Approvals
  • Co-ordination of Other Services

Large Customer Connections

ERDS provides negotiation, design and construction management services for Clients with substantial (over 1MW) load requirements. We can prepare designs for 11kV substation to Authority Standards and Australian design codes. Our team has demonstrated experience in designing distribution substations throughout Queensland. Our services include:

  • Concept Planning and Design
  • Detailed Design of Layout and Reticulation
  • Co-ordination of Other Services
  • Authority Approvals
  • Construction Tenders


ERDS offers design services for Residential and Commercial & Industrial subdivisions. These range in size from simple ‘1 lot into 2’ lot developments through to significant, multi-stage developments that comprise over 1,000 lots. Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept and Detailed Designs of Electricity Reticulation and Road Lighting
  • Supply Agreements for Electricity & Telecommunication
  • Authority Approvals
  • Design and/or Construction Tender Options


Lighting and Traffic Signals

ERDS offer design services for Road Lighting, Pedestrian Lighting, Public Space Amenity Lighting and Traffic Signals. We can prepare designs for lighting layouts and associated electricity reticulation to Australian Design standards that are to be installed under Rate 2, Rate 3, unmetered or metered tariffs. Our team has proven experience in designing road lighting and traffic signals throughout Queensland. Our services include:

  • Lighting Compliance Assessments
  • Concept Designs
  • Detailed Design, including Electrical Reticulation
  • Co-ordination of other Services
  • Authority Approvals
  • Public Lighting Supply Agreements

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

ERDS offers design services to local and Australian design standards for a range of ITS applications, for both local and state authorities. Our services include Detailed Designs for ITS applications in the following areas:

  • Managed motorways
  • CCTVs and vehicle monitoring systems
  • Variable message signs
  • Vehicle and pedestrian detection systems

The ERDS advantage

We bring simplicity and convenience to the process of electrical planning, design and construction. We have a broad internal skillset, augmented through our extensive network of skilled contractors, meaning we can quickly and cost-effectively bring together a team to answer the needs of the most exacting and complicated Client requests – or the simplest.

With an ever-growing range of knowledge and experience, we truly are the ‘end-to-end’ solution.  From simple subdivisions to electrical distribution network planning, from lighting and traffic signals to intelligent transport systems (ITS) – outside of the supply authorities themselves (with whom we enjoy strong, collaborative relationships), ERDS has all your design solutions across Queensland and New South Wales.

The majority of our staff apply knowledge and experience gained from having worked in the relevant government, council departments or utility companies.  This provides a level of insight and understanding that few, if any, of our competitors can match, allowing a shorter lead time on projects and a higher than average satisfaction rate.

Our Systems


ERDS is committed to providing professional consultancy design services that meet the requirements of the electrical and electricity supply industry while exceeding our Clients’ expectations. Our Quality Management System is certified to AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 and ensures that our projects are managed to deliver high-quality outcomes for our Clients.

ERDS aims to provide a superior service that guarantees Client confidence via consistent delivery:

  • At the right time, in the right condition, to the right place and under the agreed commercial condition
  • That meets the agreed characteristics and specifications
  • That is accompanied by the necessary and agreed documentation
  • That complies with the provisions of the appropriate laws and regulations

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Health, Safety and Environment

ERDS values the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, Clients and visitors and is dedicated to providing a safe work environment at all times. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) considerations are integrated into all aspects of our business to ensure we protect our people, our communities and the eco-system and when feasible, enhance the environments in which work is undertaken.

Our commitment to HSE is supported by documented policies and procedures contained in the ERDS HSE manual. Our staff regularly participate in industry related and general safety training and are skilled in hazard identification and risk analysis and incident management.

Information Technology

ERDS uses the latest design software to quickly and accurately produce designs that comply with Australian design standards and industry regulations. Our staff have access to a suite of programs including AutoCAD, Perfect Lite, AGI32, LV Drop, Poles’ n’ Wires, CATAN and our own proprietary software.